Official opening ceremony

by Adel Ranger

The official opening ceremony for the Ranger Foundation Centre was [...] held [ ...] on Friday the 27th February at the New School Centre site at Pinewoods, Wooton. We [...] welcom[ed our guest of honour, Lady Surajini Jugnauth, wife of the Prime Minister of Mauritius and Lance Ranger, the founder of the Ranger Foundation as well as other ] esteemed guests to the official ribbon cutting ceremony. [It was  a moving and inspiring event and Lady Surajini, during her inauguration speech, expressed her delight at our work to bring conductive education therapy and targetted special-needs teaching to a broader spectrum of Mauritian society.

After the opening ceremony everyone enjoyed a welcoming cocktail and buffet  in our large reception hall, catered by La Bonne Marmite restaurant. 

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