New School

Official opening ceremony

New School

During 2014, The Ranger Foundation  embarked upon an exciting project – to build its own, purpose-built school!  We had already largely outgrown our original premises (maximum of 25 students) and planned to be able to offer Conductive Education and academic education to many more Mauritian children in a new  building that was designed to support the special way in which we work with them.


Well we are delighted to announce that we have now (at the end of February 2015) inaugurated the reception hall and first wing of our new purpose-built School and Therapy Centre at Pinewoods, Wooton.




There were many steps that we needed to take in order to complete this project so far:

  1. Acquire land
    – Complete! Thanks to our Platinum Sponsor, Sugar Investment Trust Ltd;

  2. Create building plans
    – Complete! Thanks to Dan Mootoosamy of Urban Architects (Mauritius) Ltd;

  3. Obtain all necessary permissions and permits
    - Complete! With help from our Project Managers - Gibb (Mauritius) Ltd;

  4. Building works - by PAD & Co Ltd
    - largely completed end of 2014;

  5. Outfitting and final finishes and furniture delivered end of February 2015;

  6. Opening ceremony of the Main Reception Hall and the North Pole Teaching and Therapy Wing
    - 27th February 2015 -

  7. We invite you to 'Get Involved'...!

Get Involved


As you can imagine, a project like this costs serious money, over 20 Million Mauritian Rupees of international donations have been paid by the trustees of the school for the site preparation and raw building works alone! Then, the fittings and special finishes needed to turn this into a centre of excellence for our students have cost another 8 Million Mauritian Rupees.

Therefore we really need your help and the help of your company. Can you offer sponsorship? Support? Are you a Mauritian company with a CSR budget? Can you imagine being part of something that will have a direct and positive impact on many of the most vulnerable and needy children in Mauritius? If your answer is "yes", then please contact us to find out how you can help!